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Photochemical Machining

How it works & key advantages in medical device manufacturing.

In this free whitepaper, learn how Resonetics’ photochemical machining (PCM) capabilities enable the production of complex, burr-free, thin sheet metal components for medtech and life sciences devices and applications. This whitepaper serves as your primer on the basics of PCM, also referred to as chemical etching or chemical milling. You’ll learn how the process works, its benefits and considerations, and the distinct advantages it offers to engineers who push the boundaries of the medical device industry.

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What’s Inside

  • PCM Process Overview
  • Etching Tolerances & Substrate Dimensions
  • Materials Selection
  • Getting Started with PCM
  • Tabbing & Partial Etching
  • PCM Capabilities
  • Applications for the Medical Device Industry

About Resonetics

Working at the forefront of medical technology since 1987, Resonetics comprises industry experts who excel in the most advanced engineering, micro-manufacturing, and assembly processes and capabilities, including laser processing, metal fabrication, Nitinol processing, thin-wall tubing, and sensors.

24/7 operations allow us to meet even the most aggressive timelines, while our proprietary Lightspeed Application Development Lab offers end-to-end service in pre-production and production phases with flexibility and accessibility unique to the industry.

We thrive on complex challenges and supporting projects at every stage with advanced technologies, purpose-built equipment, and vertically integrated capabilities. Known for rethinking what’s possible, we help you expand the accessibility and efficacy of medical technology, improving treatment options worldwide.